28 Feb

This week-
K I N I S I  N I G H T!
A night of motion. See what happens when it starts with an ‘e’ and is then affected by e-motion.

It’s a night of worship .
It’s a night of prayer.
It’s an event for the soul.

Sunday night Youth Group:
Jr High – 5:30
Jr High – 7:30

@ Wellspring Church:
4466 Bauer Rd.
Hudsonville, MI 49426


Are you an elevator?

6 Feb



elevator buttons












The up and down life…

Is your life a roller coaster? Happy on minute, sad the next? 

Is being consistent important?




Where’s Your Sanctuary?

29 Jan

KINISI NIGHT… was last week. The challenge was to create a place in your home to be a sanctuary… that is, a place without distractions like video or computer games, a place with out texting or calling your friends, without the wide world at your finger tips.

So now comes the follow up question…

Where’s your sanctuary?

Did you follow through for more than one day?

Do something crazy today… Respond. Confess publically. How have you suceeded? How have you not?

You willing to take the challenge?


January 23, 2013

23 Jan


Some people are just lazy!

Who among your friends is most likely to:

Fall asleep in class?

Sleep all day during a snow day?

Be productive and busy?

Here we go again…

4 Jan



This is not a time to sit back.  It’s not a time to keep calm. . .

it’s time to make a difference!


Get excited! School may not be exciting to you, but either way, you have a greater purpose than homework, tests, teachers, even friends and sports. While those are all part of your life, in the middle of it all YOU CAN START A MOVEMENT and make a difference.


Join the movement.

KINISI NIGHT @ The Yellow Box. Thursday, January 24th. 7:00 PM. One hour of impact followed by hanging with your friends at The Yellow Bicycle Cafe.


The Yellow Box6375 Winans, Allendale, MI 49401.

616-662-8955 – ask for Zach.


December 19, 2012 . . .

19 Dec


Is Christmas about . .

  • . . . Jesus or Santa? 

  • . . . getting or giving?

  • . . . friends or family?

Quote 16 Nov

“Every great movement of God can be traced to a kneeling figure.”
D. L. Moody